Tribal Registration

General Registration

Professional Racing Standards.

  • ATTENTION: Rez Rally Participants!

Rez Rally Adopts Professional Racing Standards!

Please note the way in which Rez Rally winners will be determined.

This year’s winners will be determined by time using a transponder system that is attached to the race bib.

To make sure that you are eligible to win you must do the following steps:

  • 1. You MUST PRE-REGISTER online or with your team captain to be eligible to place.
  • 2. You MUST fill out ALL information on your registration form in order to be eligible to win your category.
  • 3. To ensure that your time is properly recorded, you must step on the timing mats located at the start and finish line.
  • 4. Your bib must be worn securely pinned on the front of your shirt or jacket.

Not following these steps means the transponder will not record your time properly and you will be ineligible to place in your category.

Please be sure to follow all directions so that we have a safe, fun and professional race!